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Main Gold Rushes which are famous in Canada

From mid to late 19th century the gold rushes led to the permanent settlements in Canada and even at the American West Coast. The area from California to Alaska was the most important one in this regard and therefore it is highly regarded as one of the best stripes of the time. Canada also had several areas where the gold rushes led to about immigration of 100,000+ individuals.

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The gold rush is considered to be a golden era by many in Canada. It is because many people in this era made their dreams come true. The technology and the tech input in that era were not as advanced as it is now. Using the state of the art technologies it is possible for the people all over Canada to take a look at that era. It is done by the museums which are spread nationwide. Each and every of these make sure that the events which take place are named uniquely so that the people can understand these easily.

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Major Gold Rush Era museums in Canada

The Dawson City and the Yukon Territory were both formed in 1896 and 1898 respectively. This clearly shows the number of people that came to the region of Yukon during the era. It is one of the largest migrations of the people within a North America. About 100,000 thousand people fled from different parts of Canada and the USA to find gold in the region. This is also a fact that only a few succeeded in their attempts and the majority failed miserably. The Chilkoot Pass is very famous as it witnessed this migration and there are many photos which can be found online about the incident. The mining though started long before the end of the 1800s but grabbed attention in 1896. There are still many museums in Canada which show this current age that what was the gold rush era like.