Gold Rush issues

Main Gold Rushes which are famous in Canada

From mid to late 19th century the gold rushes led to the permanent settlements in Canada and even at the American West Coast. The area from California to Alaska was the most important one in this regard and therefore it is highly regarded as one of the best stripes of the time. Canada also had several areas where the gold rushes led to about immigration of 100,000+ individuals. Though all were not lucky to get the gold they dreamt of but some were highly successful. There are many areas where the famous gold rushes of Canada made sure that the settlers come and the economy gets a boom. Fraser River, Cariboo, and Klondike are the areas where still various monuments can be seen belonging to that era. The aboriginal communities of the region were however not happy with the idea as they were largely displaced. Other Canadian provinces which are famous for the gold rushes are Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec. In all these provinces large-scale mining was conducted under the supervision of local governments. Some of the gold rushes which were very small scale were mainly carried out in an accidental manner. Such gold rushes are not worth mentioning.

Abitibi Gold Belt

From Wawa to Quebec the Abitibi gold belt is the discovery which was made in the gold rush era. The best part of this belt is that still mining techniques are being deployed to make sure that gold is mined. It clearly shows that still there are large gold reserves waiting to be unearthed. Since 1901 this belt has been a major source of gold within the country. There are about 100 mines in the belt where miners work all day long. Since inception, the estimated amount of gold which has been mined in this regard is about 170 million ounces in total. Timmins, Cadillac, and Holloway are some of the most important mines of the region.

Harrison Mills British Columbia

It is the area which was colonized from 1859 – 1914 and this was all due to the Fraser River gold rush. About 30,000 men and families initially headed to the area and the home-based techniques were used to make sure that the gold is mined. Many families on their way settled along the Fraser Canyon where the Harrison mills were situated and therefore the complete belt was occupied. From Mission site up to the Harrison mills is the area where most of the gold of the region was mined. The families of the era however particularly concentrated on Hope point where the extraction was considered profitable.

Queen Charlotte’s Gold Rush

This gold rush occurred in 1851 on the North Coast of British Columbia. The aboriginal tribe which was against the colonization of the area was known as Haida Gwaii. Since the very first day, American vessels also visited the area to make sure that the gold is mined. The Haida tribe made sure that the vessels are captured and the people are taken, hostage. This gold rush was considered extremely dangerous.

Gold Rush expos

Interesting Gold Rush exhibitions worth visiting

The gold rush is considered to be a golden era by many in Canada. It is because many people in this era made their dreams come true. The technology and the tech input in that era were not as advanced as it is now. Using the state of the art technologies it is possible for the people all over Canada to take a look at that era. It is done by the museums which are spread nationwide. Each and every of these make sure that the events which take place are named uniquely so that the people can understand these easily.

These exhibitions are also carried out to make sure that the best and the most advanced outcome is generated for the visitors. It is also very important to note that the exhibitions are generally open for the public to attend. Some of the exhibitions which have high valued pictures and portraits of that era are not lenient to the visitors as the security is high. The main theme of these exhibitions is to make sure that the people get to know the outcome of the events which happened during the era. The gold rush era exhibitions also make sure that the knowledge of the era is refined and is accurate info is passed on.

Gold! I found Gold

The best part of this exhibition is that it is one of the many which are conducted by the BC Museum. It is one of the best and the most visited exhibition of the era. The portraits which are presented here are the ones which take the era presentation to the next level. The gold era unlike what many think which started in 1875. The very first explorers of the era have also been presented to the visitors and therefore it is highly regarded as one of the best and the most advanced exhibitions of all.

Gold Rush! El Dorado BC

The Royal BC Museum is responsible for this exhibition and it is visited by the professionals. This exhibition shows that how the gold era has impacted the current era.

The successful miners of the era are also presented to the visitors and therefore they come to know how the person was like. The portraits are also presented and the era can easily be seen in pictures. The exhibition is not free for anyone and there are tickets which are to be purchased. The ticket range is from $18.95 – 26.95.

Mine the Miners

There are many ad incidents which happened during the gold rush era and the rescue operations were carried out. This event which is organized by the Canadian Museum of History makes sure that all such events which happened during the era are depicted and shown to the users.

The management of the event is great and it is highly praised by the visitors. The pictures of the era have been developed further to make sure that the visitors get a complete picture of the scenario. It is free to visit and takes place annually.

Gold Rush museums

Major Gold Rush Era museums in Canada

The Dawson City and the Yukon Territory were both formed in 1896 and 1898 respectively. This clearly shows the number of people that came to the region of Yukon during the era. It is one of the largest migrations of the people within a North America. About 100,000 thousand people fled from different parts of Canada and the USA to find gold in the region. This is also a fact that only a few succeeded in their attempts and the majority failed miserably. The Chilkoot Pass is very famous as it witnessed this migration and there are many photos which can be found online about the incident. The mining though started long before the end of the 1800s but grabbed attention in 1896. There are still many museums in Canada which show this current age that what was the gold rush era like.

1. Canadian Museum of History

The best part of this museum is that it allows the Canadians to access the history in such a manner that makes it easy to understand the event. The Canadian Museum of History makes sure that the best and the most advanced techniques are also used to simulate the events. The overall management of such projects is done by the people that are closely related to the history. The best part of this event is that the frequency of it is high and it allows the visitors to delve deep into the subject. The main and the most important event which takes place here is the Mining the Miners which take place to make sure that the era is brought to light. The focus of the exhibitions which take place is the year 1897 – 1899 which is the main and the most important period of the gold rush era.

2. Royal BC Museum

This is the second museum which has all the arrangement and holds exhibitions related to the gold rush era. The best part of the Royal BC Museum is the fact that it allows the visitors to participate in these exhibitions and also take their input in this regard. The gold rush era which is related to the Fraser Canyon is the main focus of this museum and therefore liked a lot by the visitors. This museum also holds a wide range of events in this regard. It is highly regarded as one of the highest and the most visited museum for the purpose of gold rush era knowledge.

3. Bank of Canada Museum

It is another museum which will make sure that the gold rush era is made more prominent for the young generation. It holds the exhibitions which make sure that the best and the most experienced analysis of the era are chosen to set up the exhibition. The best part of this exhibition is that shows the timeline of the events in different regions which is related to the main occurrences within the regions. The overall management of the event is highly regarded and creates a feeling that the events are happening right in front of eyes.