Major Gold Rush Era museums in Canada

The Dawson City and the Yukon Territory were both formed in 1896 and 1898 respectively. This clearly shows the number of people that came to the region of Yukon during the era. It is one of the largest migrations of the people within a North America. About 100,000 thousand people fled from different parts of Canada and the USA to find gold in the region. This is also a fact that only a few succeeded in their attempts and the majority failed miserably. The Chilkoot Pass is very famous as it witnessed this migration and there are many photos which can be found online about the incident. The mining though started long before the end of the 1800s but grabbed attention in 1896. There are still many museums in Canada which show this current age that what was the gold rush era like.

1. Canadian Museum of History

The best part of this museum is that it allows the Canadians to access the history in such a manner that makes it easy to understand the event. The Canadian Museum of History makes sure that the best and the most advanced techniques are also used to simulate the events. The overall management of such projects is done by the people that are closely related to the history. The best part of this event is that the frequency of it is high and it allows the visitors to delve deep into the subject. The main and the most important event which takes place here is the Mining the Miners which take place to make sure that the era is brought to light. The focus of the exhibitions which take place is the year 1897 – 1899 which is the main and the most important period of the gold rush era.

2. Royal BC Museum

This is the second museum which has all the arrangement and holds exhibitions related to the gold rush era. The best part of the Royal BC Museum is the fact that it allows the visitors to participate in these exhibitions and also take their input in this regard. The gold rush era which is related to the Fraser Canyon is the main focus of this museum and therefore liked a lot by the visitors. This museum also holds a wide range of events in this regard. It is highly regarded as one of the highest and the most visited museum for the purpose of gold rush era knowledge.

3. Bank of Canada Museum

It is another museum which will make sure that the gold rush era is made more prominent for the young generation. It holds the exhibitions which make sure that the best and the most experienced analysis of the era are chosen to set up the exhibition. The best part of this exhibition is that shows the timeline of the events in different regions which is related to the main occurrences within the regions. The overall management of the event is highly regarded and creates a feeling that the events are happening right in front of eyes.